Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's been almost two months since I blogged, but as far as I know, all but one of the handful of people who read this are with me on Facebook anyway, where I keep linking to my friend Sue's blog because she so often has photos of us or writes about something we've done together. At the moment she's participating in a challenge to blog every day this month and has already mentioned me in several of the first 10 posts, and others covered what I would have written as well, so I just linked them, as well as previous ones. For example: dehydrating fruit. Sue bought a dehydrator, talked about it on Facebook, a friend of hers commented that she had one just like it but didn't want it, I gave a throw-away comment that if she was really giving it away I would like it, and the next thing I knew, I had a practically new dehydrator, given to me by someone I didn't even know! On October 30th Sue blogged about hers, complete with photos, so although I didn't dry exactly the same things (mostly plums, apples, and bananas here, plus fruit leather), I figure her post covered my experience pretty well, too. She also writes about the weather (rain is VERY exciting here!), which is of course the same for us as we're only about 500 meters away, and walking on the Salt Lake path, which she does three days a week with me. Here's one post that covers both.

So my number one and favorite excuse for not blogging is that most of what I would blog about is covered anyway. :-) (No, that does NOT mean that it's Sue's fault!!)

Next, I figure a post is more interesting if there are photos, and half the time when I think of it, the photos I want aren't yet in the computer and I don't know where the camera is. (Or I do know where the camera is, and it's not accessible, such as being in Germany with my husband, as it was for ten days recently.)

Another good excuse is that life is just a little teeny tiny bit busy around here. I'm not all that slow of a typist, and it's taken me over half an hour to write this already, because of getting up to answer the phone, listening to Lukas, getting Helen to stop throwing blocks, etc.

And my best excuse this month is that there's quite a lot of extra writing going on at the moment, which I might blog about later. Or might not.

I think I had some more excuses (all variations on a theme: I am lazy), but I have to go pick up Marie now. I could put this in drafts, of course, but then it likely won't get posted until December or later, so here goes. Oh, and if people remind me, I might blog (with photos, even!) about haircuts.

By the way, DeeDee in UK, I did look for you at FB under your real name, but didn't find you. If you're there and want to find me, I'm under my real name! :-)