Friday, April 20, 2018

Facts about me, according to my daughter

 My oldest daughter, Marie, who is 20 and lives in the U.S., answered a questionnaire on Facebook for adult daughters to fill in for their mothers. She did extremely well, and I started to respond in far too much detail, so decided to make a blogpost out of it instead. :-)
1. What is she doing right now?
*checks time* At 9 pm, probably either on her computer or playing a game with the Fairheads.

Those were excellent guesses, but last night at 9:00 p.m., I was actually out with my husband. For that matter, I was actually with both my husband AND my oldest son, in the backyard/courtyard of a house that we had looked at earlier in the day, so that Jacob could have a look at it and tell us what the possibility of building another room on might be.
We do play a game with the Fairheads once or twice a week in the evening, so there was perhaps a 3/14 chance of that being right, and Jörn and I go for a walk at least once or twice, sometimes three times a week, so there was a 2/7 chance of that one. Of the other half the time, at 9:00 p.m. specifically, Jörn is actually more likely to be on the computer than I am, because my computer is out of commission, so he'll be on the computer at that point and I'll be reading, and then I go on the computer later.

2. What dressing does she eat on her salad?
None? I think.

Correct. Maybe lemon juice, or salt on tomatoes, but no dressing, ever. Yuck.

3. Name something she hates?
Being told what to think

I absolutely love it that Marie got this one 100% correct. :-)

4. What does she like to drink?
My coffee. At least, I conclude that she must like drinking it, because even though she always complains that I put too much milk/sugar in, she still likes to take a sip when she sees I have coffee...
Weeeelll...yes, I admit that I have a tendency to take a sip of Marie's (or Jörn's) coffee, especially at church, but I have no idea why I do so, because I never like it!

5. Favorite music to listen to?
Sandra Boynton

Hmmm...depends on the moment, really, but that's true often enough. Brian Doerksen and anything Roger Jones (especially with Devon Brown) are higher on my list, though. I also love hearing Helen and Elisabeth playing the piano and Lukas the saxophone, and also love hearing Helen just singing all day long. I also love singing with Marie while we wash and dry dishes, but haven't gotten to do that for a long time. Likewise I love hearing Marie play the violin.

6. What is her nickname for you?
“Ja- Luk- Ka- whatever your name is!”

Um...guilty as charged...

7. What is something she collects?

Can't contest that one, either.

8. What would she eat every day if she could?
Chocolate. And “anything I don’t have to cook myself”.
My daughter knows me. Especially the second part. And the first.

9. What is her favorite color?
Except for eyes, yes.

10. What would she never wear?
Yoga pants
That's for sure.

11. What is her favorite sports team?
I’m fairly sure she doesn’t care.

12. What is something that you don't do that she wishes you did?
When I lived at home the answers would have varied from “Get up at a ‘reasonable’ time” to “Keep my room clean” - now that I live in California though, I have no idea. Maybe call her more?
Oooh....loaded! I think I'd better not respond to this one... But phone calls are so complicated, with a ten-hour time difference, etc., that although I enjoy them, I don't mope around wishing she'd call more. E-mails would be cool, though.

13. You bake her a cake - what kind is it?
Chocolate, obviously. Although if it were a generic dessert that is not specifically cake then I would make oatmeal cookies.

Absolutely. :-)

14. Favorite animal?
I’m not sure... Cats that sit on her lap without attacking?
Marie!!!! Don't you remember the socks you gave me for Christmas??? 

15. What could she spend all day doing?
And have. :-) 

16. Who is her favorite child?
She always says she doesn’t have one
Correct. Although children can gain temporary favorite child status. For example, by doing dishes without being asked. Or by being the only one out of six to say "Mama" before "Papa" as a baby. Or by giving giraffe socks for Christmas. Or by cleaning my car. I can think of a lot of other things, too. ;-)

17. What's her favorite sweet?
Assuming the person I copied this from (thanks Molly!) copied it from someone who was writing in British, I’m going to go with either Jelly Bellies or Bassett’s Licorice Allsorts.
Close, as I do like those very much, but nope. Correct answer (if one has to exclude chocolate) would be gummy bears or other gummy candy.

18. How many brothers & sisters does she have?
Two brothers and two sisters who are genetically related, four brothers and two sisters who are not, and too many in-laws for me to remember
I like this answer. :-)  (And seven in-laws.)

19. Favorite alcoholic drink?
Uhhhhh I know she likes a glass of wine with dinner but I don’t know if she has a favourite
I don't, really. Sometimes one is particularly delicious, but I never can remember what it was.

20. You're in jail & you call her, what's her response?
“I appreciate you wanting to talk to me, but you probably should have used your call to contact someone who’s in the same country and can actually come bail you out.”
This answer made me literally laugh out loud, because I'm pretty sure that's about exactly what I would say!! 

I love you, Marie!