Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009--Quick update

First of all, for Ute: schön, dass Du mich gefunden hast! Ich denke immer, ich sollte mal auf Deutsch schreiben, aber komme nie dazu…
Second: this is going to be really short, because I’m supposed to be home in 21 minutes and am not finished with what I have to do here, yet
So for the quick update: "here" is the wonderful guest flat (apartment to my compatriots) we had asked to stay in for two or three weeks and actually stayed in for SIX AND A HALF WEEKS! It was wonderful and we’re very grateful–thank you, thank you, Sue and Richard! And the reason I’m "here" at the moment is because we don’t have telephone/internet in our house yet, so I’m checking e-mail, etc. (Too much etc.–I’m sorry I’m so behind on answering e-mails, but I DO always answer eventually, you know I do, A and M!)
And yes, our things arrived on Thursday (yay!) and nothing was broken (yay! again and a huge thank you to Neema and Judy, who packed most of the dishes!), but we didn’t actually move ourselves in until yesterday. I still haven’t figured out how to put photos on here (yes, you can tell me what to click, and it should be obvious, but when I’ve tried, it hasn’t worked), but I’ll get photos onto Facebook at least. Eventually. Don’t hold your breath.
But we’re in our house and are very happy!

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