Monday, April 25, 2011

Jacob's garden

We don't have much in the way of green space around our house, as most of it is covered in concrete. So last year Jacob built a garden box, after a lot of research about square-foot gardening, and which plants should go next to each other, and all sorts of stuff that I know nothing at all about. He didn't harvest much last year, as it gets VERY hot in the summer and everything more-or-less burned up. He sold and gave away a lot of tomato and pumpkin plants last year, and was pleased to have the feedback that other people, at least, did get a nice harvest!

This year he moved his planter (it's one meter by two meters) to a shadier area, and also rigged up an irrigation system with old irrigating lines he found lying around the property when we moved here. These are all photos that I found on my camera--apparently, Jacob was pleased with is project and wanted to document it, so I figured I'd post them here!

Last week, Jacob traded two cucumber plants to a neighbor for a two-year-old strawberry plant which had one strawberry on it. He's been carefully sprinkling salt on the ground around the planter to protect it from snails and slugs, and has been researching other (perhaps friendlier) ways to keep them away.

Last Friday he had his first harvest: two beans. Ironically, Jacob doesn't eat beans, or for that matter, any of the other vegetables he's planted! However, Jörn ate the two beans, and Jacob was very proud. (Unfortunately, Jörn made a crazy face while eating the beans and won't let me publish the photo, so all I have here is a photo of the beans about to be salted and eaten with lunch!)

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