Saturday, July 16, 2011

Elisabeth's first birthday

How did a year go by so quickly?! (Not to mention another five weeks...Elisabeth's birthday was June 11th.) We had two families over for a simple dinner (fruit salad and bread rolls) and cake on the actual day of Elisabeth's birthday. Elisabeth wore the same dress that Marie, Katie, and Helen all wore for their respective first birthdays, a dress that we bought in England when Marie was a baby because it was so hard to find baby dresses in Germany. Marie got the most wear out of it, but her little sisters were all bigger than she was at the same age, and even Elisabeth could barely fit into it, although I thought she was my "skinny one."

Here's the "birthday table" aka piano. It's been hard for Helen watching one person after another have a birthday, while she has to wait all the way until September. Helen and Katie appropriated those balloons, by the way, but Elisabeth didn't seem to mind.

Katie's present for Elisabeth, a bouncy ball.

Next, Elisabeth opened a present from my parents, a ball from Guatemala. Elisabeth loves balls and immediately threw it down and said, "Get it!"

Concentrating on the story in her new book from Richard and Sue.

Beautifully decorated gift from the VR-G family:
Carefully reading the card that had arrived in the mail from Margaret and Phil.

Cake! And a candle, which Mommy won't let me touch!

Better yet, bananas! And I get to touch them!

Birthday hug with Sue! Blurry, but a gorgeous picture anyway. :-)

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