Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not a logic puzzle, just a guessing game

(I don't remember why I didn't post this nearly a year ago, when I first wrote it, but I just found this while trying to clean up my computer. So I figured I'd just post it now, as nothing in it has expired...)

I enjoy doing logic puzzles, especially the ones that start out "Mr. Green, Miss Brown, Ms. White, and Mrs. Black all live in the same town. They each live on a different street and work in a different place. The one who has a dog doesn't live on Bluebird Street." And so on. But I haven't a clue how to create one of those and make it be both challenging enough to be interesting and also have only one possible solution, so I won't try.

So this is a post that ought to be one of those games, but is really just a guessing game. There are eight people, each one with his or her own name, and each one with his or her own stuffed animal (cuddly toy), which also has a name. The people are, in alphabetical order, Elisabeth, Helen, Jacob, Jörn, Katie, Lukas, Marie, and Sheila. The animals are: two lions, two cats, two bears, one turtle, and one rabbit. Their names are: Arnold, Ben, Cubby, Garfield, John, Judy, Purple-a, and Snowball. So: which animal has which name and belongs to which person?

This is the newest addition to the family.

A gift from Jörn's great-aunt, almost 13 years ago.

Named after the dear friend who gave this to the child.

Rather similar in many ways to his owner.

One of the very few toys I myself ever bought for a child.

A bit flat after years of being used as a pillow, very well-traveled, including almost three years in Costa Rica as an exchange lion.

This one has a twin belonging to his owner's best friend in Germany.

A gift from the owner's great-grandmother.

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