Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today: two versions, both true

Version one

I overslept this morning and therefore got a late start to the day, didn't oversee anyone's breakfast, didn't make bread, and left much later than planned to spend "the morning" (not even an hour and a half) at Sue's house with the three little girls. It drizzled a bit on the way there, and Katie was on close to her worst behaviour (I have no idea what she had for breakfast, just know it wasn't refined sugar, as all sugar has been locked into the guest flat downstairs for nine days now) and Helen was starting to copy her. When I got home I found Jacob perusing things on youtube instead of doing anything he'd agreed to do. Jörn arrived home with Lukas at the same time I did, and then had to turn around and go right back out to work, without Lukas, who proceded to track mud into the house and let Elisabeth out, who got her tights all muddy. After lunch Jacob was working on the chicken house, which he promised to finish about three weeks ago, and left the front door open and Elisabeth got all muddy again. Later in the afternoon, I made myself a cup of coffee and set it down to separate Lukas and Katie, who were fighting on the sofa, and Elisabeth pulled it down and spilled it all over herself and the floor. I hardly got any reading with the children done and Jörn left immediately after dinner, as he always does on Tuesday evenings, and the kitchen is still a mess. Nobody went to bed without fussing and being threatened with loss of privileges, and when I finally got onto the computer and went to Facebook, I found out that a friend of mine died this morning from cancer, seven years younger than I am, and leaving two young sons, and that, of course, just makes all the other stuff just TOTALLY nothing.

Version two

My amazing children slept in today, which meant that I actually got to sleep until I woke up on my own. That was cool! And the children all got themselves dressed and breakfasted (well, except for Elisabeth) while I had a nice, hot shower. There were a couple of raindrops as we headed out to Sue's house and I considered taking the car, but the girls were happy to walk, and happily, it didn't actually rain and we enjoyed the walk. Although we weren't at Sue's for as long as usual, and Katie was obviously not feeling her best, since I wasn't doing well dealing with her it was very good to have that time with a good friend who could handle both the girls and me. When I got home it was pleasant to be greeted by Marie and Jacob, both very cheerful, Marie having already practiced the violin and started some of the other things she was planning for the morning, and Jacob reading some news articles. Jörn and Lukas arrived home at the same time and I was reminded how much I appreciate my husband's work hours, that allow him to have Lukas with him on Tuesday mornings so that I can go to Sue's house. Although he had to leave again a few minutes later, I knew he'd be home again in only three and a half hours, Tuesday being his short day. Since I hadn't had time to make whole wheat bread in the morning, I made a loaf of barley bread for lunch, which is not only much faster, it also contributes to our attempt to cut back on wheat. It came out very well. Elisabeth twice managed to get outside unsupervised and get covered with mud, and I was happy that I'm caught up on laundry and that she has so many clothes--none of which I have bought!--that it was no big deal to change her. And when she pulled my coffee down on herself, it was just AFTER I had added milk, so no longer boiling-temperature. I stripped her down immediately, but although every article of her clothing (undershirt, turtleneck, dress, sweater, and tights) had gotten splashed, I couldn't find a single mark on her. And the coffee didn't even spill on any toys or books! Jacob finished the chicken house this evening and I'm very impressed with what my 12-year-old son has done completely on his own. Despite the busy day, I read some to the children, and they enjoyed playing outside for awhile, taking care of Elisabeth, while I played the piano. Jörn cooked a delicious dinner, as usual, before going to the Tuesday-night prayer meeting, and Marie was very helpful into getting the little ones to bed. I was very saddened to read on Facebook that a friend just died, especially as she leaves behind two young sons. However, she'd been fighting cancer for quite some time and I know that it's also a relief to her and her family that she's no longer suffering. I'm so glad that I got to meet her through La Leche League five or six years ago, and that we even managed to make the connection that she's actually a distant relative of Jörn's, and that her father is Jörn's godfather! They'd lost contact many years ago and were happy to be put in touch again by Janina and me. She'll be missed by many, and remembered with affection and love by just as many.


  1. Nicely balanced with food for reflection on my own day. I pray that you normally regard the proverbial glass as being half full.

  2. I really loved reading these two versions of your day. It can be so easy to slip into complaining and seeing things that happen in my day negatively rather than seeing what a gift our days are. Thank you!

  3. Honestly, no, I'm not very good at seeing the glass as half full, unless it's complaining that even that was way too much to put in a cup for the toddler. That's kind of why I wrote this, to point these facts out to MYSELF. Cool if it encouraged others, too. :-)