Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer scavenger hunt, part three

After I didn't even notice that one of the photos of a fountain that I included in the previous post ALSO included a statue of an angel, I thought I'd go through my photos from May onwards and have another look for the last five subjects. I definitely didn't have any photos of a roadside stand or of a movie poster, but as I had to take Marie and Jacob to a birthday party this evening, I just collected those on my way home, as well. :-)

4. a roadside stand selling something

During the week, there are roadside "stands" (usually pick-up trucks) all over the place, selling whatever fruit is in season. At the moment, there are quite a few watermelon stands. However, Saturday evening at 6:00, I didn't see any in the usual places, so swung by our favorite fruit store, to see if the stand in the parking lot was still open. It was--only just, as they were starting to pack up--and Lukas took a photo for me.

8. a person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel

Okay, so I already covered this one with the angel fountain. And children ACTING like angels probably doesn't count as being DRESSED UP as an angel, but I just had to work in a way to include this photo, so here it is. Yes, they are both asleep. Yes, they are on the tile floor. Yes, they both have beds.

And this is neither a person nor a statue, but this dog's name is Angel! Shouldn't that count for something? (She belongs to our friends Dena and Joseph.)
14. a person playing with a ball
This isn't actually a ball, this is a lemon from one of our lemon trees. But Elisabeth was playing with it and kept calling it a ball!
In this one, on the other hand, Elisabeth is definitely playing with a ball, or at least, she's holding the ball away from Marie and making it very clear that this is HER ball. It's too bad that the ball isn't exactly visible in the picture--Marie crocheted it for Elisabeth for her birthday, with Elisabeth's name on it.
18. a movie poster
The local cinema seemed a logical, if uninspired, place to find a movie poster, but as I wasn't sure if this one, taken through the windshield while waiting at the traffic lights, really counted. On the left-hand side there are three banners advertising movies, but they're on plastic... I drove closer and caught the posters for all of the movies showing at the moment. I haven't seen any of them, although I was pretty impressed that I had actually heard of two of them. I've only been to this cinema once, to see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" with Marie and Jacob.
19. an outdoor stairway
I could easily get a photo of an outdoor stairway by stepping outside--many Cypriot houses have a flat on the ground floor (a "granny flat" or "mother-law flat", maybe there are other terms), and then there are stairs outside leading to the next floor, which is very often a full house on two or more levels. I specifically planned to photograph the house of Sue and Richard, since those are the outdoor stairs I most often use, and since we stayed in the downstairs flat for awhile when we first moved to Cyprus, and I still might take that photo. And for that matter, although our house is on the ground floor, it's built on a slope and we have a flat underneath part of the house as well, which is also on the ground floor, which you can get to by walking around the house and down the driveway...or by going out the back (kitchen) door and down a long flight of outdoor stairs. But in the meantime, here are a few photos I found in my files.
This is our house, and if you look very carefully, you can see the four steps leading up to our front porch.

This stairway isn't actually outside, as it's inside a boat, Morning Star, which we visited a few weeks ago. But it's sort of outside, because it's not inside a building...

This little shelter is on a peninsula across the Salt Lake from us and I'd been meaning to go to it for years, and finally did so for the first time, just in time for sunrise, a week or so ago. And it is definitely outdoors and definitely has stairs.
21. a picture of you (me) standing with something that symbolizes your (my) nation(s)
For this one, I had intended to wear my Costa Rica t-shirt, hold flags from the U.S., Germany, Costa Rica, and Cyprus, and maybe include a few children, as well, as they are all dual citizens (German/U.S.) and I hate having my photo taken, so that would make it more bearable. Technically, "my" only nation is the U.S. That is where I was born and that is my only nationality. However, I have spent over half of my life outside of the U.S., the majority of that time in Germany, and my husband is German. I have also been to Costa Rica ten times and feel very connected to my "family" there, and have lived in Cyprus for over three and a half years, so this being home makes it also a bit "my" nation. And then Sue suggested that just a photo of Elisabeth and me would cover it, as she is German and U.S.ian, was born in Cyprus, and her middle name, Martha, is after my host mother in Costa Rica! I loved that idea, and best of all, I didn't even specifically have to take a photo for it. Both of these photos were taken in May, by Birgit. I like the first one better, but in the second one I'm standing (therefore fulfilling the whole target...), AND not only do I have my Costa Rica t-shirt on, I'm wearing American jeans, German Birkenstocks, and Cypriot mud. :-)

And with that, I have completed the summer scavenger hunt, a week before the official end of summer!

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  1. I love these pictures! You crack me up, especially with the picture of you and Elisabeth fulfilling #21. Just perfect.