Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt photos, part one

Finally: the first installment of photos for the 2013 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt! I have several collected, but because I have soooo many of "someone or something taking a nap", that's all I'm including in this one. And yes, they're mostly our four-month-old cat, Makenzy. I've seen some crazy photos of cats in weird positions, and despite having always had cats in our house when I was growing up, I still wondered if some of them were faked. I don't wonder anymore. Makenzy is WEIRD. I'm very much enjoying having a cat for the first time in 22 years.

The only photo I remember for sure taking while thinking, "Oh, this has to go on my blog!" was the one with Makenzy's head hanging out of the dollhouse. I think there was one other that I took on purpose, the others were just because I couldn't help it.

Our friend Dena cuddling Makenzy

Jörn didn't want a pet, had never had one in his life (unless you count the two rabbits we had in Germany, but he was always quick to point out that a) they were not HIS, they were MINE, and b) they were outside, so were NOT the German word for "pet", which is "Haustier": house animal. They were AUSSERHAUStiere: out of the house animals. However, he and Makenzy seem to have bonded just fine.

Seriously, she IS asleep in this photo!! (I think this may have been one I took intentionally for the blog.)

The flash on the previous photo woke Makenzy up, so she readjusted herself. She used to sleep in a corner of one of the rooms, but now has to spread out over two or even three rooms. (I have one photo of her with bits in three different rooms, but that's from May, and I'm trying to cooperate a little bit with the "summer part" by pretending that May doesn't feel like summer yet.)

Helen carries Makenzy around a lot, a bit more than Makenzy actually appreciates, I think. However, she does very much enjoy Helen's singing and goes to sleep in Helen's arms on a regular basis.

And to finish off: one sleeping baby, my friend Becky's son Thomas, in a "milk coma", as my midwife used to put it, after having just finished breastfeeding. He's a couple of weeks younger than Makenzy.

Scavenger Hunt List
1. Open air market
2. Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)
3. City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
4. Airplane
5. A sunset
6. Someone or something taking a nap
7. A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
8. A tower
9. A photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong
10. A bench that is outside
11. An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc.
12. A cloud in the shape of something (please specify what you see)
13. A fence
14. A stained glass object or a mosaic
15. A fire truck or police car
16. A windmill
17. Candle(s)
18. Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop
19. A fisherman
20. A dinosaur
21. A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply (you cannot substitute for this item)

Bonus/substitute items. If you find any of the above items too difficult, feel free to substitute either (or both) of these items. You can substitute up to two items, but you cannot substitute Item #21:
A person wearing an outfit (or item of clothing) that symbolizes your country
A sundial

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