Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Switch Rooms: Lukas's room

While Jacob and I were working on his side of the partition, Jörn and Lukas started painting Lukas's side. I guess Marie must have taken this photo on Thursday, January 9th, since I didn't even KNOW they'd started until the door and window frames and bottom edges had all been finished, and Jörn was asking me to do the edges around the fancy molding along the ceiling.

Lukas had a grand time:


I got rather into it myself, although I REALLY didn't like the color Lukas had chosen:

Here the molding is visible:

On Friday, January 10th, I did a second coat on the entire room, and Jörn and Lukas put a wood undercoat on Lukas's bed. Its original owners had painted it yellow and green, and when Marie inherited it when she was five years old, I painted it red and blue. Lukas has had the bed since he was about five himself, and wanted it the same green as his room. His room. His bed. Not my problem. Jörn took one exciting photo of the undercoat, and none of the painting:
However, somehow or other, I ended up doing most of the painting of the bed, including a second coat of some parts on Saturday, the 11th, and that afternoon, I put it together. Upside down. At Lukas's request. He decided he didn't want a high bed anymore. That meant a loss of two square meters of floor space, but also, as he put it, two fewer square meters that he would have to clean up. Whatever. His bed. His room. His problem. Or not a problem. Elisabeth likes his bed:

Lukas got busy with hammer and nails, covering up a lot of the green and making the room much more bearable:

Actually, I even kind of like it now, and Lukas is doing a relatively good job of keeping his own room tidy, too. And the bed being the same color as the walls isn't as weird as I'd thought it would be--I think it even makes the room feel a little less tiny, because it blends in.


  1. Yeah... umm not my kind of colour either! lol Did you know in Australia we aren't allowed to paint the house if we are renting it? I have lived in some horrible colours and some horrible qualities of paint jobs. In fact in this house I barely clean a lot of the gloss trims as they weren't pretreated well and the gloss paint is peeling off in layers of colours. Brown, white, then cream.

    What colour is the other side of the room?

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  2. Nope, I didn't know that about Australia, Jen! In Germany, renters are REQUIRED to paint regularly (it's in the contract, usually every three years for the main areas, every five years for the bedrooms), and here in Cyprus, the OWNERS are required to paint regularly, although it's not specified in our contract. However, the owner was happy that we were going to do the work ourselves and paid for the paint. :-)

    The other side of the room is a lighter green, and there might be another blogpost about it eventually...