Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer 2014 photo scavenger hunt, part six

I've decided that this is as close as I'm going to get to number 19, a public garden. After more than four months of virtually no rain, there just aren't really any flowers to be found in Cyprus, and it feels funny to me to call something a "garden" without flowers. This is Faneromeni park, which has a playground that the children enjoy and I particularly appreciate because virtually all of it is shaded. It's about a ten-minute walk from our home, even with the children, and in the springtime the bare and boring border at the foot of the picture is filled with colorful flowers, as is the area just on the other side of the path, before the bench.

And finally: number 20, a bus with a picture on the side! I've seen many buses and I've even seen many with pictures, some boring, some interesting, but getting a photo of one has been much more challenging than I could have imagined! For one thing, I most often see the side of a bus when it's turning a corner...and disappearing before I can even take my camera out of the case, much less turn it on.

So today after our Greek class, Jörn and I went downtown for a little while, and I took this photo of part of a bus parked on Finikoudes:

 Just for the record, the photo is only of part of the bus, but yes, the whole bus was there. I already didn't like what it was advertising, but no way was I taking a photo of the rest of the ad. (Marie is reading this as I type and said people are just going to be intrigued as to what the rest of the ad is. I doubt that, but it's a very scantily-clad female.)

Then on the way home, I got my husband to stop on Egyptou street, where buses are parked, and where I didn't want to take a photo because it felt like cheating. Still, I liked the airplane much better than the other ad:

And this one was kind of cool, although when only able to see the very back part of that swimmer on the right I thought it was of meat in a frying pan:

Not a bus, and no picture on the side, just my patient husband waiting in the car:

And one last photo of all of the buses parked:

And this absolutely definitely concludes my version of the Summer 2014 photo scavenger hunt. Aren't you glad??

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