Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer 2014 summer scavenger hunt, part five


noun \pə-ˈrād\

 : a long series of people or things that come one after the other

:  a pompous show :  exhibition 
 c :  a usually lengthy array or succession <a parade of visitors>
So there. Three definitions of "parade" that convince me that this photo absolutely qualifies for item number 14, a parade. Oh my, the looks we got. No person who said something to me directly had ever seen a bicycle trailer before, and it's not very common to see children riding bicycles, either, except maybe up and down the street in front of their house. And NO children wear helmets, nor many adults.

If you're on Facebook with me, you can skip the rest: it's just copied and pasted from there. :-) (Edited to add: with one extra photo. :-) )

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Jörn needed the car (I'm not overly hopeful that we'll ever get the other car back, the one that has been waiting for a new-to-it transmission for five weeks so far...), and yes, we have good friends who have offered to let us borrow their extra car, but I'd rather save that for when we NEED the plan was to use bicycles this afternoon.

First glitch: Jacob had the bike trailer. (Considering that yesterday was the first time I'd used it in nearly five years, and that was several hours before Jacob even got up so he probably doesn't even know that I did use it, it was totally understandable that it didn't occur to him to ask me if I needed it.) However, after I texted him, he DID make it home just in time for us to leave...

Except that the second glitch was that the front tire of Marie's bicycle was flat. (My bicycle isn't in working order...seeing as I haven't used it for five years...) While Jacob pumped that up, I got Elisabeth settled in the trailer, and then we finally took off.

Third glitch: as we got to the end of the street, I realized that I'd forgotten to change into shorts. We were already running so late, that I just took up the ends of my wrap-around skirt and tied them in a knot. Lukas disapproved. I didn't care.

Fourth glitch: by the time we were less than a kilometer from home, the front tire was flat again. However, we were nearly at a gas (petrol) station, so I put air in it there.

With all that, it was pretty cool that the girls were less than ten minutes late for their Greek class. I had Lukas take them in while I disconnected the trailer from the bicycle so that I could put it through the gate sideways...

Fifth glitch: when they were done, the tire was flat again. I pumped it up again.

Sixth glitch: road construction which left a path too narrow for the trailer to fit through. We had to make quite a detour.

A couple of hundred meters from LCC (where Katie and Helen were going to Discoveries), I stopped to pump up the tire again, while Lukas accompanied the girls down the street, then came back and met me so we could continue on to Elisabeth's drama class.

Losing count of the glitches here...but I think it was the fourth or fifth time between LCC and drama class that I had to stop to add air that I took Elisabeth out of the trailer and had Lukas walk her the rest of the way (about three blocks). I did catch up with them just as they arrived, though. Less than ten minutes late, which all things considered, wasn't bad.

I phoned Jacob, who came and fixed the tire...

...and everything else went smoothly. Back to LCC to get Katie and Helen, and home.

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