Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009: Responses to comments and other misc. stuff

We bought a car today, or rather, signed that we're buying it, but won't have the actual car until the money has been transferred from Germany. (We hope that's what we signed--almost everything here is in Greek AND English, but the piece of paper that we signed today was only in Greek!!) Yesterday we tried to open a bank account here, but we can't do that until we have an address. And we can't establish residency until we have a bank account. I'm a little curious as to how we're going to pay the deposit and first month's rent without a bank account, but I suppose we can transfer that directly as we're doing for the car. Oh, and my European husband and children will have no problem with residency here, of course, but we may have to leave a deposit of something like 800 Euros for me, since I'm not European. I suppose it's because I might have only married a German (14 years ago) and had five children just so I could sneak into Cyprus, leave my husband, and become a financial drain on the Cypriot government...

And I think we've decided on a house. I lost track of how many we saw all together, but we've narrowed it down to two. Actually, if it were up to only Jacob and me, we'd have it narrowed down to one, if only up to my husband, narrowed down to the other one, and Marie can't decide. Lukas, Katie, and Helen don't have much of an opinion. We were supposed to have definitely decided yes or no on the one that I want by this evening, but didn't call yet, so we'll call tomorrow. Today, that is, as it's already past midnight.

Since Sue said I don't have to make her anonymous, hi Sue, and thank you so much for the hug this afternoon--that was SO needed! And I'm clueless about Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the ability to make comments. Nor did I know what RSS was until you told me, but at least I did figure out how to do whatever it was I did that helped......

As for the Greek, your computer may be showing you Greek on your screen, and other people may be seeing it, but for three in Greek, what I'm seeing in your comment is o with a hat, n with a tilde, and e and a with accents! I'd be very curious to know what other people see!

And to Tina: my other blog has all the details on our fight to homeschool in Germany, but the short version of answers to your questions: yes, I'm from the U.S., but no, we didn't exactly "have" to leave Germany, and homeschooling didn't actually end up being the reason we did, although it was the first reason we started looking about four years ago for ways to leave Germany. We're in Cyprus with YWAM.

By the way, when anyone leaves a comment on my other blog, I get an e-mail telling me that a comment has been left. However, I don't for comments left on this blog! It can't be that hard to figure out, but I'm not managing it--anyone want to clue me in?

I'm at the computer so late because the light bulb of the reading light on my side of the bed burned out. I don't know how to go to bed without reading first, so I'd better get a new light bulb tomorrow. I mean, today.

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