Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here I go again

I like the idea of blogging. It took me awhile to like it, though, and I'm still not sure why I do.

My first blog, Trying to Homeschool in Germany, was started because more and more people were asking me to keep them updated on our struggle to gain permission to...guess what...homeschool in Germany. I copied and pasted all of my updates dating back to, I think, July 2004, and was fairly good about updating when there was any news on either our family or in general in Germany with regards to homeschooling. My blog was found by googlers and we even helped two other families get permission, but our family never did. We also spent a significant amount of time outside of Germany, and were in such a precarious legal situation while in Germany that I no longer was able to post much about our own struggles anyway, which rather defeated the original purpose of the blog.

When we moved to Cyprus in January 2009, several people asked me to please continue updating my blog so that they could keep up with us. I ended up starting a new blog that was for that specific purpose, with the grand and glorious title of The New Blog. I've sometimes tried to keep up with it, but haven't done a great job. It hasn't helped that I started getting (a bit too much) into Facebook, and the specific people who asked me to keep my blog updated are all on Facebook now. In fact, one of them is on FB ONLY so that she can see our photos, as that's considerably faster than e-mail and I haven't managed to post photos to the blog, for no reason I can understand.

Then not long ago the host made some changes that I found confusing, not to mention did away with the wonderful template consisting of just books. I don't mind new things--in fact, I very much enjoy new things. What I don't like is changes to things I like! Friends kept recommending, so being up with my very-nearly-two-year-old too early this morning, I decided to have a go.

So, here I go again. If I can now manage to post a photo, I just may post here again someday, from somewhere...

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