Saturday, September 4, 2010

Justification for my blog name

Oceanside, California, USA
Okinawa, Japan
San Bruno, California, USA
Weimar (two different addresses, three different houses), California, USA
Shin'ichi-cho, Hiroshima-ken, Japan
Tejar del Guarco, Costa Rica
Tuxtla Gutiérrez (three different addresses), Mexico
Düsseldorf (three different addresses), Germany
Essen, Germany
Bornheim, Germany
Ratingen-Lintorf, Germany
Ratingen-Hösel, Germany
Mühleim an der Ruhr, Germany
Lakeside, Montana, USA
Muizenberg, South Africa
Larnaka, Cyprus

So these are just the places where I've actually lived long enough to receive mail. (Well, I can't say whether I received any in Okinawa, Japan--I was three years old and don't remember. But we were there for two months.) I didn't count week-long summer camps, where I also received mail, but I also didn't count the two months in Thailand nor the two weeks in Peru in 2006, nor any place that I was only visiting "for the fun of it", as it were, such as visiting my brother in New Mexico or friends in Switzerland, etc.

Okay, here goes with ALL the countries I've visited:

North and Central America:
United States (still the single country in which I've spent the most time, living there most of the time until age 20, with numerous visits back since then)
Mexico (11 months with an exchange program and one one-week visit)
Costa Rica (ten visits, ranging from two weeks to seven weeks, first time as an exchange student)
Guatemala (one day-trip and several plane changes)
Panama, Honduras (only plane stops--don't really count)

South America:
Peru (two weeks to visit a mission we were considering joining)

Germany (just under 17 years altogether, 17 1/3 years from when I moved there to when I left, plus one visit since leaving)
Cyprus (current location, moved here 20 months ago)
United Kingdom (England five or six times to visit friends, usually five days each, and once for two weeks, Wales once only because I took the ferry from there to Ireland)
Ireland (several days while traveling around Europe by train one summer)
Norway (once while traveling around Europe, twice to visit people)
Sweden (really shouldn't count--drove through on a bus to get to Finland from Norway)
Finland (a couple of days to visit a friend)
Denmark (once while traveling around Europe, one day in Legoland)
Netherlands (many times: lived less than an hour from the border when I lived in Germany)
Belgium (one day in Brussels, several days house-hunting, and other times passing through to get the ferry to Dover from Calais)
France (once on vacation with the family I nannied, many times passing through by plane, train, or automobile)
Switzerland (half a dozen times at least, the longest a two-week backpacking trip with my aunt)
Austria (two days once, and drove through from Switzerland to Germany once)
Italy (three days in Venice)
Spain (one week visiting friends)
Czech Republic (only changing planes)

South Africa (four months with YWAM)

Japan (two months while my dad was in the U.S. Marines, one month as an exchange student when I was 15)
Thailand (two months with YWAM)
South Korea (really only changing planes on the way to Thailand, but got to go into Seoul during the 12-hour layover)

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