Monday, September 27, 2010


Being September, and being a barefoot/sandal/imitation Croc-loving family, none of us have worn socks for about five months, with a few rare exceptions. Last Thursday Katie needed a pair of socks for a trial ballet class (she decided against taking ballet, but that's another topic) and couldn't find a matching, hole-less pair in her own drawer, so I pulled out the single-sock drawer in my room and found her a pair of matching, white, hole-less socks. Well and good.

Then I added the rest of the single socks that were piling up on my desk, and the drawer could no longer be closed. We only moved here 20 months ago, and before moving I disposed of ALL single socks and ONLY moved pairs! Truly, I did!

Yesterday I got tired of the drawer sitting on the changing table and decided to do something about it. (Yes, that's Elisabeth's hand in the top left corner.)

Quite a few pairs were matched up.

After I'd had the children claim their socks (with much discussion between Jacob and Lukas about whether Lukas wanted the ones that Jacob had outgrown--which was most of them--and a similar discussion between Marie and Katie), and I'd put away Helen's and Elisabeth's (she has worn a pair of socks ONCE in her entire life, and they apparently got washed separately...), I went to look for more single socks in Katie's drawer, and found five...

 ...all of which had the matching one in the single-sock drawer.

And there are still a LOT of single socks left! But at least the drawer closes now.

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