Tuesday, November 23, 2010



"I can get a bathroom in there in two days."

"Do you like my princess?"

"And then she said okay."

"I'm not sure if they're open then."

"We go through a lot of milk in our house."

"Oh, I think we'll be in the Mediterranean for a good long time still."

"Leave the dog alone!"

"So, do you think you'll get the roof done this week?"

"This storm wasn't anywhere near as bad as they said it would be."

"Someone needs to change the baby!"

"Dog! A pet it!"

"See? The princess has a pink skirt!"

"So do you really like the Nook?"

"Leave the dog alone!"

"Who wants to see the movie?"

"Dog! I like it!"

"Okay, so I might not have it painted in that time."

"Do we need more milk?"

"We raced the boats in the ditch canal."

"I need to go on Farmville because my crops have all died!"

"Did you see this photo of a bear?"


"Turn the TV off!"

"So did you hear that his sister had the baby?"

"Just help me."

"Don't scream at the cat."

"They are shooting ducks."

"These are cabernet glasses."

"I'm sure she needs her diaper changed."

"This is fake sugar but it has the same volume."

"What are you looking for?"

"This toaster is slow."

"He's a Cream-of-Wheater."

"Pick up the train pieces."

"Away! A throw it!"

"Can I go on e-mail?"

"Where are my socks?"

"So what time are you leaving?"

"No, I don't want to see the movie."


"And he said, 'But he CAN'T go back with them!' "

"No, not even when he was a baby."

"How short can I make it?"

"No, you don't need to be on there."

"I'd just like to know if it's fixable."

"These socks never stay on."

"When are we going skiing?"

"No, she peels it herself."

"Leave the dog alone!"

Guess what: there are 14 people living in this house at the moment, and we had up to 18 on the weekend. And two dogs (well, just one now--the other one went home with my sister) and three cats (not that we've seen more than two--one of them stays away from children). And it did snow Saturday night but was raining Sunday morning and has been raining almost ever since, and now it's Tuesday morning and I'm going just a bit stir-crazy...


  1. LOL! I know which were Helen's comments, and am guessing the Princess ones are Katie's...

  2. Who is a cream-of-wheater? I eat cream of wheat most mornings. Virginia's grandfather invented it.