Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

This was my first time back in the U.S. for Thanksgiving since 2002, so the first one for three of my children, and the first one in memory for two of the other three.

My mother took Lukas and Katie out to the garden in the morning to harvest what was left. There wasn't a whole lot, but they were very pleased with themselves:

The morning was occupied with various activities. Mom, Katie, and Jörn folded won-tons:

My sister-in-law played with her two littlest nieces:

The big cousins played tag and hide-and-seek outside in the gorgeous weather:

Dad and my brother (who requested that his name and face not appear on my blog) put a new cat-door in the new outside door they got for the bathroom:

Here's the old one, which is proof for why it had to be replaced: (we didn't take a photo of the new one after it was installed and it's raining now)

Then my sister Erin and my sister-in-law took a turn at the won-ton folding:

 ...and various people flopped on the couch.

Finally, the turkey:

For some reason, we didn't get any photos of my Grandma, who was happily able to come for a couple of hours and enjoyed herself very much, nor of my aunt and cousin, or of the festive tables. There were 19 of us all together. My sister-in-law did take some photos, which I might be able to add later, but for now I just wanted to get this posted.

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