Friday, November 19, 2010

California at last!

November 17th--We flew from Minneapolis to San Francisco, and were met at the airport by my sister, Erin:

Erin called Dad that we had arrived, and he came to the airport with the van. By the time we got back to my sister's house (ten minutes from the airport), my mother had also arrived at the house, and Helen knew Grandma immediately:
Each of the children gave Grandma one rose, one for each decade, as we arrived on her birthday. :-) (Unfortunately, the photo with the roses didn't come out so well.)

We then drove to my parents' house, stopping halfway for dinner and then stopping again to visit my sister Ruth at work, but didn't take any photos.

Thursday, November 18th--Lukas helped Grandma make pancakes and bacon, and then he made fried eggs for those who wanted them:

 Then my future brother-in-law and I put a new tarp on the roof of the shed in preparation for the storm expected today. First I took off the old one--most of it was disinigrated, but I had to remove the boards holding it down and sweep all the pine-needles and leaves (and wonderful composted soil consisting of pine-needles, leaves, and shingles) off of the roof.

 Here we're nailing the boards on the new tarp, while Jacob hands us nails and Mom stands down below, holding the ladder and telling us to be careful:
The only injury of the day was a nasty splinter I got from the broom. I'm definitely happier hammering than sweeping.

This was the most fun--this side of the shed is two storeys above the ground, so we decided that lying on the roof and nailing under would be easier than trying to reach the eaves from a ladder:

 And Ruth got bonding-time with one of her nieces while her fiance and sister worked on the roof!

 Once we'd finished, Mom and Jörn took Jacob and Lukas to be fitted for their tuxedos for the wedding:

 In the afternoon we went to Grass Valley to see my Grandma. The colors are nice enough here in Weimar, but just half an hour away were that much more gorgeous. This tree was in front of the nursing home where my grandma lives:

 Youngest great-grandchild Elisabeth with her Great-Grandma Elizabeth:

 Thanksgiving dinner (one week early) in the nursing home. Residents were allowed to have two guests each, but when my mom asked if we could all be there, they said yes, of course, although they had to set up an extra table in the entryway for us:
There were a few other tables there with larger families, as well. The staff members were all wonderfully attentive and are so nice. If someone has to be in a nursing home, this is a great one to be in and my grandma enjoys the social aspect as well as the care. It was a little bit difficult for me seeing her there, though--when we visited in January, she was in the assisted living facility next door and had her own room with familiar furniture, etc. Now she shares a room with two other ladies and it definitely feels much more like an "institution." Also, Grandma wasn't entirely sure who we all were and asked several times if the baby was a boy or a girl and what her name was. Every time I answered, though, she did laugh and say that she should be able to remember that name!

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