Friday, March 11, 2011

Helen has a fwog

Since I didn't have much time when my sister Erin called last night, she called again this morning and we had a longer chat, which, as always, was pretty cool. Katie was out running errands with Jörn and Erin wondered what Katie would come home with this time, but she only came home with Jörn, so all good.

While we were on the phone, Helen came in and out of the room, with varying levels of volume. One time she came creeping in with a decided glint in her eye, glancing down at her closed, cupped hands, then suddenly popped them open and said, "I have a fwog! Wibbet!"

I actually got her to more-or-less reenact it for the camera a bit later, so here she is.


  1. Nope! And I didn't mean to mislead anyone, either--I'm so used to this toy frog, that I didn't even think about it. LOL And we do (or did, very recently, but Jacob says that it got away) have a real frog, too, and of course not very long ago I posted a photo of Lukas with real frogs, so it should have occurred to me that people might think this was a real frog...but it's not. Sorry!