Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Helen's vocabulary

Helen has been going through some serious language explosion in the last months, speaking in more complete sentences with a larger vocabulary every single day, it seems. Not exactly being sure of how to say a word doesn't slow her down at all, much to our delight. Here's a sample.

parasalt: generally used to shade a lady from the sun. In Helen's case, more often used to poke a little sister, which is why her parasalt is more often on top of a high cupboard than in Helen's possession.

However, this morning she did have possession of her parasol and took it with her as we walked to Sue's house.

Not that she could use it very effectively to shade herself from the sun, because she was also carrying several books that she had borrowed from Sue and was now returning. One was about a hoppamus, as can clearly be seen.

Some more of my favorites:

mookbarker: to bark the place in the mook I'm reading, of course. (Okay, to be strictly honest, she only said it that way once, a few days ago, but I loved it.)

She always says fall off whether she actually fell off of something or just fell down, or even got pushed. Marie explained to me that this is perfectly logical, as she has fallen off of her feet.

Also, Elisabeth has had a runny nose for the last several days, so I've been hearing regular shrieks from Helen, "Wipe it baby nose! It run off!" Sadly, she now nearly always pronounces Elisabeth correctly, just occasionally making that "th" at the end into an "s", so the days of Elibbabess are over. She does, however, still wear jimanas to bed.

coobumber: a green vegetable that Lukas, Katie, and Helen all love and eat several whole ones of a day. Each.

hocktockter: slightly less common than airplanes and a lot noisier

bandange: for putting on wounds, which are always loudly announced as "it beeding!!" whether it is or not

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