Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011: Hi

For whatever reason, I never managed to figure out how to get photos onto this blog, and have found quite a few other things confusing at this site, so some months ago started a new blog at another site. I suppose I should move the little that is here over to the new one, and maybe I will eventually, but in the meantime, it would be cool if the few people I “knew” here (thinking mainly of Carol and DeeDee) come say hi to me. :-)
Oh, and I suppose I should try to figure out how to change the blurb at the top, too, since ironically, it’s here in Cyprus that we had the police show up! A bit scary at the time, but unlike in Germany, there’s no danger of the children actually being removed from our custody. I still don’t have residency here, but it’s not actually a big deal.

(This was written on my old blog, which I stopped writing on in 2010 when I started Always Somewhere. Homeschoolblogger no longer exists, so I transferred everything from The New Blog to this one, and probably should just delete this post, but am going ahead and transferring this one as well, May 2013...)

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