Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is the background I have on my computer:

I suppose I ought to update it with the correct hair-color (this photo is from January), but it is incredibly difficult to get a photo of Katie just looking nice--she usually pulls some crazy face the second she sees a camera, and I really like this photo.

Katie has made me laugh several times today, sometimes that was good, sometimes not so good. (Like when she informed me that she was never going to speak to me again after I held her back so she couldn't pull Marie's hair again. I shouldn't have laughed, but the thought of that being a "threat" was just too funny.) She totally charmed the visitors we had for lunch today, with her friendly, open chatter, and I was enjoying her, too. She's intelligent and creative and has tons of energy. She loves to be read to and has recently started reading for herself. She can be incredibly loving and helpful. She goes to bed willingly and cheerfully almost every night and falls asleep quickly and almost always stays asleep all night. She loves pink and girly and curly and everything else along those lines that she doesn't get from her mother or older sister.

She's also very, very good for my prayer life and the conscious attempt to exibit the fruits of the Spirit in my life. She doesn't have a curl in the middle of her forehead, but in every other way, she's the perfect model for the little girl who did.

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