Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sisters and baby goats!

I was on the phone this evening with one of my sisters, Erin, who, because she is female and can multi-task, was also on Facebook. So she was able to tell me that our other sister, Ruth, had JUST posted photos of her baby goats, born less than two weeks ago and absolutely adorable. With Ruth's permission (I'm chatting with her now on Facebook while I write this!), I'm posting a couple of the photos, because they are just so gorgeous.

This is May with her baby, Cino. Cino had a brother and a sister who didn't survive.

And these are Moolah's babies, Peppermint, Licorice, and M&M.

These are all pygmy goats (not really--see below!), which means, I suppose, that one wouldn't get a particular useful amount of milk from them, but they more than make up for that in the cuteness factor! We had goats when I was a child, but big ones--mostly Nubians, if I remember correctly. We drank their milk, but I also just plain liked them. We had quite a few different animals, always dogs and cats (plural), and then goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, fish, birds, rats...I'm probably missing something. I always loved having animals and sometimes feel sad for my children not having any pets. (We did have two rabbits for three years, and the boys have a frog at the moment...) But I have to say, having animals, pets or not, was much nicer from the child-in-the-family point of view than from the parent point of view!

Here's a photo of my sister Erin, with whom I was on the phone tonight, taken at Disneyland just over a year ago:

And here's one of goat-mama Ruth, taken in November or December last year when we were in California.

Goats are really cool, but sisters are better. Sisters can type and work a telephone, for one thing (well, two things...I think I need to go to bed), so it's a lot easier to keep in touch with them. I love you!

Edited to add this comment from my sister Ruth:
"Um, these ones aren't Pygmies . . . Not that it really matters, but May would be very offended :-) May and Moolah (the mamas) are Nigerian Dwarfs, and ironically the largest of our herd, and Perrin (the papa) is a Fainting goat (aka Tennessee Meat goat), so the babies are . . . Fainting Nigerians? lol"

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