Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Helen's story

I came into the living room this evening after putting Lukas and Katie to bed to find Marie and Helen laughing. Helen had been sitting on Marie's lap when she suddenly started giggling and told this story. Marie even took notes, to make sure not to forget it, which is how I'm able to record it.

Helen: A fwog twy my toes!!

Marie: A frog tried your toes?

H: Yeah! A eat 'em!

M: A frog tried to eat your toes?

H: Yeah!

M: What kind of frog was it?

H: A geen fwog.

M: What did it do?

H: It eat my toes. Ah-ham! Ah-ham! (Sort of an eating sound...)

M:What did the frog do?

H: It quiet.

M: How big was it?

H: It little. (She held up one finger to show the size.)

M: Where was the frog?

H: Outside. A boot.

M: It was outside in a boot?

H: Yeah. Nice boot.

M: What else did the frog do?

H: It eat it toes. Two toes. MINE!! (With an indignant voice.)

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