Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring in Cyprus

If you blink, you might miss it, but I'm pretty sure we now have spring. The last few nights we've left our bedroom window open and not been cold, although we're still using a duvet. We have a screen on that window, which is necessary, as this is also mosquito season. Before long, it will be too hot for the mosquitos.

This morning Katie went to the Anglican church with Sue, and we'd tentatively planned to meet at the playground afterwards. However, as it was sort of raining, I decided not to go, not thinking Helen would know the difference. I shouldn't have been surprised that she did know very well what had been planned. When I said that it was raining, she said, "I have a hood!" so off we went. There were scattered drops of rain, but they were drying as fast as they fell. The playground wasn't even muddy. I found it confusing feeling raindrops and seeing a grey sky but being far too warm with real shoes and a sweatshirt. In the afternoon we walked to Sue's and Richard's house, by which time I'd taken off the sweatshirt and was wearing sandals with no socks. It was raining as we walked back home a little past 8:00, but even in the dark, the raindrops were drying as fast as they fell, and only my toes were a little wet when we got home.

We're in the third month of our third year in Cyprus now and I still find it strange to be colder here in the winter than in Germany (due to the badly insulated house, high humidity, and not having regular heating), and having temperature differences of 10-15 degrees (Celsius) in a given 24-hour period. Having over 20 degrees during the day and then below 10 at night (including inside the house) is still strange to me. Still, I'm enjoying every bit of feeling cold I can get, trying to store it up for summer, which will be far too soon. In Germany, I'd have been wearing shorts with today's weather, not a sweatshirt, jeans, and socks with real shoes!

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