Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Katie's hair

Erin asked to see photos of Katie's hair dry, as the other "after" photos were taken while her hair was still wet. So here you go:

One of her less-goofy smiles, believe it or not.

It looks kind of pink in this photo, but it's actually almost a normal-looking red. Except for the fact that the under-layers got virtually no dye at all on them, so when her hair swings around or is in a ponytail, it does look a bit weird!

Katie is still very happy with her hair, and not having read Anne of Green Gables, isn't interested in hearing that red-heads shouldn't wear pink. (Ha! Like I would notice! That came up because on Sunday a non-pink-liking friend commented hopefully that Katie should learn this "fact" that "everybody knows", and I agreed, but based only on Anne's opinions. And then I said that at least she wasn't wearing pink at the moment...which spawned more discussion than I thought possible on the color of Katie's shirt, which I maintained was RED. I think Jacob agreed with me. Everyone else thought it was pink.)

Interestingly, an older girl at church on Sunday commented that she's thinking of dying her hair, and Katie very seriously said, "No, you shouldn't do that--your hair is beautiful the way it is!" This girl's hair just happens to be the EXACT color of Katie's hair before it was dyed.

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  1. Actually... although I'm not a fan of pink, I know Katie loves it and with her normal hair colour it suits her. So while I do rather hope she'll keep away from pinks and reds while her hair is dyed, for the sake of anyone who looks at her, I was hoping that she might see a positive reason for going back to the hair colour God gave her, once the dye wears away, in that she'll be able to wear her favourite colour again :-)