Saturday, March 12, 2011


Facebook birthday greetings are kind of weird--lots of greetings from people who have never celebrated a birthday with me (even if I did know them in real life at some point, some of whom I haven't even seen for over half of my life) and would have no idea when my birthday is if Facebook didn't tell them. But it was still pretty cool to get greetings from:

68 people, representing:

18 nationalities, residing in:

9 countries, on:

5 continents.

6 of them are relatives, one of those a cousin-in-law I've never met,
8 of the non-relatives are people I've known for over half of my life, and only

6 are people I've never met in person, but considering how long I've known them via e-mail, it's hard for me to remember that.

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